May 13

This year is really flying by. I can’t believe we’re in the middle of May already.   I’ve done so much to get ready for the release of my first novel, The Broken Road. I’m currently working on the jacket copy for the print version of the book, which will be sold on  I had some great headshots taken with a fabulous photographer, Talia D. from  I got a great cover artist by the name of Sara from who is very patiently working with me on the cover and promotional postcards that will to be distributed at the Book Expo of America in NYC next month.  I received some general edits from my editor, Jessica from and I’ve been working with that in hopes of  July 15th release.  Its been one thing after another, plus also trying very hard to NOT go crazy at home. But thanks to my husband  and his gracious support, I’ve been pretty sane. (However, yesterday was the MAJOR exception. I refuse to acknowledge any sort of bitchiness that took place on my part.

And today is Mother’s Day.  I had a wonderful day thanks to my family. I’ll spend tonight giving thanks to my Mother-in-Law (Seriously, ya’ll. I lucked out BIG TIME with her!) and dreaming of my mom in heaven, who I know is watching over me.   I hope all you moms (and dad’s who are doing the job of two!) have a wonderful day.


xoxo – melissa


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