Me and computers aren’t the best of friends.

See, I have this issue with computers.Well, with most electronics.  I call it my electric personality.   He says its a detriment. Whatever. Computers just normally freeze up, shut down, or basically go to the pot when I’m around. I just have to be around it, for it dies. The IT support guy in my office knows that he’ll be coming by at least once a week. I bribe him with cookies so he doesn’t laugh.

My wonderful and loving husband gave this laptop to me. He told me that it was in support of my writing, but really it was to keep me off his computer.  So.. this new laptop totally died about a month ago, thanks to a carppy harddrive. Luckily, I have the worlds best inlaws.  A mom who is like a second mom to me, and a dad that fixes everything and is always there for us when we need him. So thanks to him, I’m finally up and running again.  So I’ll be around – writing the sequel to The Broken Road and blogging about my adventures. Thanks for checking me out!!!