OMG! You’re writing a book!

That’s what the reaction I get when I tell people I’m writing. Not in a Um.. you? Writing a book? HA!  way. More like “Wow, I can’t believe it! That’s great!”  Then they ask what the book is about – and that’s where I’m stumped. I mean, I know what my book is about. I thought of the idea, the characters, the sequence of events. But I’m always momentarily stumped and then hem and haw over my 3 minute elevator pitch.  I eventually describe the book – but it’s not concise, not clear, and I’m clearly stumbling over my words. My worst weakness is trying to describe something out loud that makes total sense in my head.  So when you’re writing.. make sure you have your elevator pitch polished. Make sure it sounds natural, like you’re explaining how to brush your teeth. BTW – Be prepared – you never know who you’ll meet in an elevator. =)

(But.. in case you’re wondering… My novel is titled “The Broken Road”, a women’s fiction novel with romance and suspense, with elements of crime, drama, and sarcastic humor. It tells the story of a twenty-six year old woman named Megan, who just broke up with her fiancée Tommy and is still in love with her first boyfriend Shane. Shane has no idea of Megan’s feelings towards him. When a situation occurs, Shane asks to stay at Megan’s house, under purely platonic pretenses.  Against her better judgment, Megan allows Shane into her home, and eventually back into her heart. But Shane isn’t the same guy fell in love with all those years ago. Shane has a past; a past that he’s making amends for and at the same time, putting Megan at risk. Secrets lead to tragedy and deceit, and Shane makes a choice that could change both of their lives forever. At the end, Megan will need to follow her broken road, and to the person whom it leads to.  You know I had to throw that in there! )


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